Designed from the ground up

Smart-Mobile is Engica’s latest release of our mobile platform.  Designed from the ground up, taking our existing mobile experience and expert knowledge in the areas of Control of Work and EAM, we have developed a platform to deliver Apps to compliment and work in conjunction with the Digital Work Control product family.

With cross-platform support for Android, iOS, and Windows (UWP), Engica delivers Apps across the three core mobility platforms used worldwide and is responsive in supporting multiple form factors.  In a market of increasingly diverse devices from being intrinsically safe to standard off-the-shelf devices, coupled with options of Wi-Fi and cellular, phone-format and tablet-format, the Smart-Mobile platform solutions suit working in both connected and disconnected environments.

Smart-Mobile portfolio

The Smart-Mobile portfolio covers all aspects of Control of Work and EAM solutions with some Apps targeted towards users in an always-connected environment with instant access to data, to remote worker or workers in areas of limited communication to work electronically, capture and record safety critical information and feed this information back to the central Digital Work Control database.

Our Smart-Mobile solutions for Permit Management, include permit issue, work pack printing, working party sign-on, isolation confirmation, and verification support for disconnected operation.  Our remote EAM Work Management solutions support collecting work information at sites with no data connection, including inspection rounds and generation of subsequent work orders.

Engica’s mobile solutions are the product of our expert knowledge and collaborative feedback from long-standing customers and those newly introduced to Q4.  Helping our customers obtain increased ROI from implementing Q4 as their method of Digital Work Control.


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