Join our free, interactive software tutorials to Work Smart on the latest Q4 v8 version

Work Smart Webinars

Join our free, interactive software tutorials to Work Smart on the
latest version of Q4

The tutorials are kept short to minimise impact on participant’s time and are scheduled on a rotational basis so users can join at a convenient time

Webinar Programme benefits

This series of free short webinars provide practical demonstrations of the Q4 system to enable better understanding of its framework concepts and improve your daily use. Tutorials are performed by our in-house customer delivery team to show participants how to get the most out of the many features in the system.

How it Works

All you need to get connected is web access and a telephone to hear the narration and ask closing questions. Webinars do not require you to download or install anything onto your computer. Registration requires your Company Name, Facility/Site, Your Name, Job Position and your Company e-mail address. After registering for a tutorial you will receive an email confirming the start time and date of the meeting, which you can use to add the upcoming event to your Outlook calendar. Shortly before the webinar begins (approx. 15 minutes), you will receive a similar reminder email containing a telephone number to call, a personal access number and a link to view the presenter’s screen. That’s all there is to it. Further information is provided in the invite emails should you need help. Our webinars are a combination of live use of our software supported with slides. There is no need to take notes – a tutorial document will be sent to you following the event.


Your invite email contains a standard rate UK or USA telephone number for participating in the webinar. It also contains a link to provide an alternative local rate number should you be joining from elsewhere.

Attendee Notices

Apart from the cost of your call, all current Engica webinars are free, but are provided only for registered attendees. Registration information should not be forwarded on to third parties without the written permission of Engica. Your colleagues are welcome to attend the event, but please direct them to the Engica webinar booking page, as access is granted on an individual level.

Privacy Policy

In connection with the operation of the webinar we will ask you to provide us with information that personally identifies you or allows us to contact you (“Personal Information”) when you register for the use of the service. The Personal Information that you provide us in these circumstances will be for the purpose of hosting webinars and marketing subsequent webinars and events. Engica’s full Privacy Statement can be viewed on our website here.

Select tutorial topic overview:


A brief introduction to managing people as a resource within the system, including :

  • Navigating the People menu
  • Structuring human resource using Business Units and Roles
  • Assigning skills and maintaining a record of associated accreditations
  • Using Workgroups and Work Teams to organise and control shifts



Looking at a PM record and how the PM behaves in relation with Work Specs and PM types, creating a Work Order and managing the status flow of the document including :

  • Features of a PM record
  • Using Work Specs and PM types with PMs
  • Creating Work Orders from a PM
  • PM Workgroups
  • PM Work Flow
  • Archiving and Purging the records



An overview of the following Entities including associated actions and workflow:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Permits
  • Isolation Certificates
  • Sanction To Tests



An overview of key duties that system administrators may be responsible for within the application, including :

  • Managing Lookups and other system settings
  • Managing User accounts including permissions and passwords
  • Editing data by using the Import tool
  • Editing pre-set system features such as the Phrase Library, Hazard tree and P&ID
  • Printer setup


List Views webinarLists are a core foundation of the system and your underlying data

We’ll discuss what makes up a list view in Q4, types of views and how to create them.

Topics include:
• Types of lists
• Configuring lists to your liking
• Manipulation of lists, including the creation of new lists by searching, tagging and extraction
• Saving lists and pinning them to your personal pin board menus
• Basic functionality of the list toolbar options and how they can be used to interact with your data


Get the most out of your Pin Board Menu

Pin Board Menus webinarThe basics of creating your own personal links to frequently used lists, documents and records using pin boards.

Topics include.

• Navigating to pin boards using the main menu
• Nature and content of pin boards
• How to pin a list or other object to your own personal board and edit its appearance
• Organising your pins into groups and their deletion
• Setting the pin board menu displayed when logging into Q4

The Pin Menus will be explained in detail together with examples showing the power of the facility.


Login Security webinarA short tutorial helping users manage security

Topics include:
• Signing in to the system
• Password discipline
• Managing your personal profile using the profile tool
• An overview of system security
• An introduction to roles and skills


Searching webinarUsing the power of the search facility to interrogate your data, and dynamically saving those searches for later use

Learn how to use the power of the search engine and recall searches for future use. The tutorial covers:
• List view, wildcard and direct searches
• Saving searches to your list views and pinning them to your Pin board
• Tagging and extraction of data from List views
• Grouping of data within a List view


Record Views webinar

Records and documents are a fundamental part of the system

Learn how to access and modify your records in this detailed webinar
Topics include:

• Accessing and modifying records
• Record related icon functionality
• Forms versus documents
• Toolbar icons and actions
• A brief look at searching and pin boards


An overview tutorial of the new main menu system offering central control

The Menu is undergoing a revision to a Main Menu central control panel containing:
Menus webinar• Launch
• Administration
• Pin Board Menus
• Desk Menus and Entity Menus
• On List View Menu
• On Record View Menu

The different Menus will be explained together with an overview of the services used in their configuration.


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Demonstration Version

The latest Q4 v8 version will be demonstrated. For users on earlier versions the majority of features remain relevant, with the exception of Menus which have been re-engineered into configurable Desks and Pin Boards. For users on previous v7 versions they will notice similarities but with an opportunity to see the systems advancements.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

Engica webinars contain content which includes without limitation images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, sounds, text, data and other materials displayed or available that are protected by copyright and other proprietary rights of Engica. By attending a webinar you agree to comply with any and all restrictions regarding the use of this content. Materials and assets, including but not limited to presentation slides and graphics, are for use by attendees only and we kindly ask that they are not forwarded on to third parties.