In the pharmaceutical industry, quality is essential – cutting-edge research, excellent processes, perfect products are what make you the leader. However, you need to continuously improve to stay ahead: new diseases require new cures, increased competition requires faster, leaner processes in all aspects of your safe operations.

Many existing strategies on which the Pharmaceutical industry relies on to ensure this focus has remained static, despite new ways of effectively managing safety and maintenance.

The key safety processes comprise of regular inspections and audits; permit to work system for operational / maintenance safety; fire prevention and protection activities; operation of the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)/Incinerator; disposal activities related to hazardous wastes; and regular monitoring of the environment, internally and also through approved laboratories.

Not only can modern, digital Permit to Work software and Maintenance solutions increase productivity and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE); they also ensure a higher degree of quality and contamination monitoring, while improving asset and staff safety.

So why are permit to work systems important?

The importance of electronic permit systems is that they identify hazardous working environments and enable Permit Managers to carry out safety checks at each stage. It effectively places high-risk procedures first. Communication throughout the site requires a formal management system, the permit itself helps to distinguish roles and responsibilities with who is in charge and offers a step by step guide in working towards safety and security.

PTW is an essential part of control of work. Within this includes permit to work, hazard identification, risk assessment and isolation management. Reduction of unsafe activities within the workplace is one of the most important aspects of risk assessment.

With our industry-proven digital solutions, you can take safety, efficiency, quality and productivity in your pharmaceutical plant to the next level, creating a safer, more sustainable and productive world by advancing operational excellence.

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