Record and share vital data between your control room and operators in the field

Q4 Smart Mobile – Solutions for field operations

Access and deliver critical operations information where ever you are

Q4‘s mobile technology allows workers out in the field to record incidents, near-misses or conduct audits or risk assessments quickly and efficiently.

Q4 Smart Mobile is completely configurable to your organisation’s needs. Add-ons give you the capability to take photos and capture visual information on the spot.

Integrate Q4 Smart Mobile solutions to perform isolations, track statuses, and monitor work progression from your mobile device

Features and benefits

  • Collect information during inspection rounds
  • Respond to alerts without having to return to the control room
  • In the field data recording reduces any risk of losing data - capture / upload photographs and videos, and edit documents in the field
  • Display and enter operations data across the corporate network
  • Compatible with mobile and intrinsically safe devices including Android, iOS and Windows
  • Integrates with all Q4 modules and other major industry systems
  • Fully scalable and adaptable as your business encounters new opportunities and challenges
Q4 Smart Mobile

The latest information from the front line to the control room

The Q4 system can be used on the internet or off-line, with full functionality, with devices such as iPads and Tough Books for remote operation.

Mobile device applications used with Q4 are normally associated with remote working where personnel can be assisted by a variety of electronic devices. These can range from portable note book PCs to smaller devices such as iPhones. The choice of device is often determined by the plant location. For example intrinsically safe devices may be required and / or the device may need to be ruggedized for site work.

Q4‘s dynamic user accessibility and business intelligence empowers your workforce to efficiently record data and obtain critical information wherever they are working, on whichever devices they choose to use

  • Off Line Application Devices
  • Barcode Readers
  • RFID Equipment Recognition
  • Tag and Point Recognition
  • Gas Test Results
  • GPS Position
  • Work Order Update
  • Asset Inspection
  • Asset Audit
  • Permit Verification and Authorisation
  • Isolation Point Verification
  • De-Isolation Point Verification
  • JSA and PPE
  • Risk Assessment
  • Bar Code Verification
  • RFID Verification
  • Photos
  • Time Sheeting
  • GPS Identification
  • Route Management

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