The Equipment Modification and Implementation change facilities have been re-designed with the creation of a new Management of Change (MoC) module that provides for multiple types of change which support configurable workflow, notifications, attached documents and multi-level-approval.

The module is fully integrated within the Q4 Digital Work Control product suite or can standalone. Integration is automatically provided with Q4 Control of Work and Q4 Enterprise Asset System to give a view of supporting information for enterprise-wide compliance and efficient life cycle management.

The MoC module can accommodate multiple types of change such as Equipment modifications, DCS setting changes, Organisation changes and Procedural changes.  Each type of change can be defined on-site with its own set of Authorisations, Actions and Documentation requirements.

The user-defined Authorisations allow for as many Approval Categories as required covering Technical review and approval as well as Commercial, Safety and Environmental aspects.  For each category, the list of people required to approve the proposed change can be defined and adjusted as required.

Q4 allows users to create MoC records, control the workflow and effectively manage the changes by having complete visibility at every step of the process. The system also ensures the original scope and duration of temporary changes are not exceeded without review and approval.

The MoC module helps to manage key documentation keeping up to date information in the design and preparation stages as well as during the implementation and updating procedures, training information and other key documents required for change. Other management actions and deliverables such as milestones and announcements can be also be tracked.


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