Utilities face new opportunities and challenges brought on by the march of a digital revolution. The challenge for power and utility companies will be to build a comprehensive customer experience, drive operational efficiency and embrace big data opportunities. These previous big picture challenges need to be supported at O&M level to maximise technology for site management efficiency by improving control of work and safety activities that encompass interconnected mobile systems, especially regarding field workers and where maintenance is being contracted out.

"Engica are committed to our client-centric solutions to ensure your implementation of Control of Work is successful"


Engica’s Control of Work and Permit systems help improve services to work teams and personnel with increased safety verification methods and efficiency, using innovative solutions specifically designed for country wide pipelines and pumping stations as well as distribution lines and substations. Q4 solutions pre-configured templates have been helping the utility sector to achieve faster implementations and results that empower users across the various departments by providing a coordinated approach to planning, maintenance, production and safety across the enterprise. This is achieved by using the facilities of the Q4 solution with existing EAM system integration or as a standalone system. Mobile devices play a key role in the solution to offer the ability to work both on and off line with control of work, safety and work reporting facilities to support field workers. Additional features including shift logs and handover, contractor portals, action instructions, notifications and rounds are available to enhance communication, safety and efficiency.