Safety, environmental and security requirements are essential in ports, shipping, terminals, airports, drydocks and more, where digital transformation of the control of work offers enormous opportunities to improve efficiency, work methods and ability to improve safety and workflow, key performance indicators and cut costs with honed systems for people and process coordination. Specific transport sectors have many unique aspects of safety control. For example, marine must cover many international regulatory laws, and rail often has many operational zones across the rail network. Communication networks are often not available and require on-premise facilities. Marine operators and field or inspection workers are often without Wi-Fi or good comms and therefore require on/off line protocols.

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Engica’s robust Q4 software solution helps the transport sector to keep their personnel and contractors safe and able to manage work with attention to safety, environment and operational efficiencies. Mobility plays a key role and offers the ability to work both on and off line with control of work safety and work reporting facilities to support field workers, regardless of location. The intricacies of the transport sectors are catered for with our extensive range of configurable software applications including Asset, Control of Work, Permit and Logging systems designed to help simplify and streamline Permit to Work, Isolation control, RAMS and communication prior and during work activities.