The pharmaceutical and life science industry continues to thrive with growth from the increased size of the global ageing population that boosts demand for long-term treatments of chronic diseases, and better access to healthcare across economies. The industry is facing challenges across all organisational aspects, including target selection, drug discovery, clinical development, manufacturing, supply chain planning and digital transformation. Digital transformation and innovation are increasingly necessary for enabling development and mobilizing throughout the enterprise. Technology will be fundamental to advancing digital transformation and as an industry there are enormous opportunities to improve efficiency, work methods and ability to cut costs in the control of work space.

"Engica are committed to our client-centric solutions to ensure your implementation of Control of Work is successful"


Manage the intricacies of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors with our extensive range of configurable software applications including Asset, Control of Work, Permit and Logging systems designed to help simplify and streamline Permit to Work, Isolation control, RAMS and communication across departments and contractor staff prior to and during work activities. Enhancing the safety of personnel is its prime purpose whilst also assisting work performance and the minimisation of down-time. Q4 solutions pre-configured templates have been helping the health and drug sector to achieve faster implementations and results. Mobile devices play a key role in the solution to offer the ability to work both on and off line with control of work, safety and work reporting facilities to support field workers. Additional features including incident logs, lessons learned, shift logs / handover, notifications, rounds, management of change and integration to existing EAM systems are available to enhance communication, safety and efficiency.