The Oil & Gas industry is one of the most powerful industrial sectors in the world economy and have been early adopters of electronic Control of Work (CoW) covering Risk Assessment, PTW and Isolation management. With rising global demand, highly volatile prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the oil and gas industry face major challenges: human erosion, reduce costs, optimize the performance of its industrial base assets and improve its environmental footprint. With an ageing and shrinking talent pool, especially as more workers move past retirement age, a robust solution is required. In our field of operation renewing focus on digital transformation, knowledge retention, Artificial Intelligence, IIoT applications and intelligent production have a major role to play.

"Engica are committed to our client-centric solutions to ensure your implementation of Control of Work is successful"


As an experienced supplier to the O&G sector, Engica’s Control of Work solution supports the industry with a range of configurable applications that include Risk Assessment, Permit, LOTO and Logging systems all designed to help and streamline the Permit to Work Process and Communication across departments and contractor staff prior to and during work activities. Visualization of work activity has proven to be highly successful to highlight SimOps and potential Conflict conditions by using real-time plot maps and isometric displays that give status and scope of activities. The robust systems include Isolation Risk Assessment, Conflict Detection, P&ID Interfaces, Equipment Test Certificates, Barrier, Lessons Learned, Work Planning, Audit Verifications and more … to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce risks across the industry. The solution also comes with adaptors configured for ESRI, SAP, IBM Maximo and other ERP systems to offer seamless operation across the enterprise.