Manufacturers are always under pressure to deliver products quickly but also need to ensure production, maintenance and quality departments communicate information to ensure they are complying with safety regulations, work permits and work control procedures. Enhanced use of technology can partially solve this and as the fourth industrial revolution marches on, it can provide manufacturers the opportunity to utilize advanced manufacturing automation capabilities and information technology throughout the product lifecycle, the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing and more.

"Engica are committed to our client-centric solutions to ensure your implementation of Control of Work is successful"


Q4 solutions pre-configured templates, have been helping the manufacturing sector to achieve faster implementations and results, where our solution assists in the management of regulatory requirements with best-of-class safety standards. Engica’s Asset, Control of Work, Electronic Permit and Logging systems help simplify and streamline risk management and communication across departments during work activities. Enhancing employee and contractor safety is its prime purpose whilst assisting in increasing work performance and minimising down-time. Mobile devices play a key role in the solution to offer the ability to work with control of work, safety and work reporting facilities to support site workers. Additional features including incident, lessons learned, shift logs and handover, notifications and management of change are available to enhance communication, safety and efficiency. The aim is to provide better support to work teams and personnel by increasing safety, improving efficiency and reducing costs using innovative integrated solutions designed for this sector.