Facilities Management organisations can manage the maintenance of a single asset such as an Airport as well as multiple sites within a group such as properties, industrial plants and faculties. The common factor is that contractors are centric to the maintenance or installation work required and these services are fully coordinated by facility personnel. Effective communication, pre-site-requisites, personnel verification and appropriate risk and permit creation/issue/closure need to be transacted competently to ensure the control of work process complies with site safety regulations and processes. The challenge is often to improve inadequate processes and to streamline cumbersome, inefficient processes.

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Engica’s Asset, Contract, Contractor, Control of Work, e-Permit and Logging systems help simplify and streamline visit management, communication and safety across the facility prior to and during work activities, taking into consideration regulatory requirements and the need to assess risk management of work activities, personnel skills and work permit requirements for the different work classifications such as Work Zone Entry, Hot Work, Working at Height and other types. Q4 solutions pre-configured templates, have been helping the facility sector to achieve faster implementations and results where Engica’s range of EAM, Contractor, Control of Work and Permit systems help provide better service to personnel and work teams with increased safety and efficiency using innovative integrated solutions devised for this sector. Mobile devices play a key role in the solution to offer control of work, safety and work reporting facilities to support workers. There are additional features including incident, lessons learned, shift logs and handover, notifications, competency and registers which are available to enhance communication and safety efficiency.