Dolphin Energy’s supply of 2 BILLION Standard Cubic Feet of Gas supplied from Qatar to the UAE and OMAN daily is supported with the Engica Control of Work system constructed to precise requirements, now operating over a year is near its full rollout across all of Dolphin assets, to improve work processes and drive operational excellence.

Their Onshore Gas Treatment Plant at Ras Laffan Industrial City in the State of Qatar receives gas through two 36-inch sea lines to offshore platforms. The gas, after treatment at the Onshore Gas Treatment Plant, is compressed and exported via a 48-inch sub-sea export pipeline to Taweelah in the United Arab Emirates.

The Onshore Gas Treatment Plant has two process streams (each having two trains), utilities, compression trains, sulphur recovery units and off-site condensate storage. Export gas is distributed from Taweelah Receiving Facility via a pipeline distribution network that extends across the UAE to Al Ain and Fujairah.

Today, Dolphin Energy Limited is delivering 2 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas every day, providing a source of clean, new energy for the Southern Gulf.

Dolphin Energy contracted Engica to design their Q4 Digital Work Control for rollout throughout the business, using GIS technologies to complement and enhance the control of work and assure the safety process.

Engica worked closely alongside Dolphin Energy, providing their expertise to help Dolphin Energy develop their Q4 Safety system allowing them to achieve their goal of striving for continuous improvement. With the support of a wealth of industry knowledge from Engica’s team of experts, Dolphin Energy are confident that their Q4 system uses highly successful industry-proven technologies that dramatically improve work processes and drive operational excellence into current operations.


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