Record, track and manage key information for your teams

Q4 Smart Log

Communicate more effectively and keep track of what’s important

At the start of any shift, your teams need to know what has happened, what work is being carried out now, and what’s potentially in the pipeline during upcoming shifts. Getting the right information to the right people is critical, as poor, casual handovers can result in serious incidents.

Q4 Smart Log delivers clear, comprehensive operational event logging and reporting tools that work with you round the clock, to ensure shift handover, safety, commercial and environmental issues are instantly recorded and actioned.

This fully configurable digital operations logbook system allows you to overcome the challenges of paper-based logs, spread sheets and isolated databases, and connects information from many different sources in one central location, to give real-time event visibility across your organisation.

Q4 Smart Log key features
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Q4 Smart Log Benefits

• Eliminates control room paper logbooks and spreadsheets
• Saves hours of preparation time and enhances plant communications
• Highlights critical information across shift handovers
• Make proactive decisions based on real-time visibility across all sites
• Capture and report defect and operational problems and track actions
• Ensures consistency and best practice across the plant by every operator
• Fully integrated with Q4 Digital Work Control and other CMMS systems

Create. Configure. Integrate.

Q4 Smart Log’s user friendly screen designer and powerful tools give you the capability to configure the system to meet your organisation’s specific processes and requirements. Create and configure custom logs or modify existing templates with your own terminology and information flow. Q4 Smart Log can operate as a stand-alone logbook system, work with the Q4 digital Work Control suite or can be fully integrated with other industry third party plant systems, so you can automatically capture and retrieve events via your existing standard interfaces.

Deliver critical operations information remotely

Q4 Smart log is fully enabled for mobile devices, delivering current Logbook entries of either open or closed status to field operators, allowing them to create new or comment on existing entries. These entries or edits are also available outside of network connectivity and synchronised when the mobile device is within range.

Q4 Smart Log mobile features

• Conduct rounds and collect field information with mobile devices
• Review existing Smart Log entries in the field
• Enter logs on a mobile device that sync with your corporate network
• Attach documents including photos and videos to the logs
• Add notes to the existing Smart Log entries
• Access log details, even out of wireless range
• See logs created on in the field automatically in Shift Handover reports
• Configurable role-based functionality gives every user the right access they need

Q4 Smart Log - mobile ready

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