Achieve operational excellence with your custom-built software designed to match and compliment your existing or future business processes. Enhance employee safety by introducing your own safety measures for your risk assessments and introduce your own state changes. We will work in partnership with you to perfect and configure your systems:

Documents • Forms • Workflow • Views • Dashboards • Tags • Risk Matrix • Hazards • Site Maps • Languages

By configuring the list above, you can utilize the performance power of Q4 software whilst still implementing your existing procedures, ensuring a smooth transition. Upon installation your system will be completed with a built-in tool to further configure your system, should you encounter new challenges. We pride our system on being:

  • Flexible and fully configurable to suit industry-specific functionality and individual specific requirements
  • Fully configurable to match your existing processes and procedures
  • Life cycle friendly

Working closely with our customers is a crucial part of the process. We assign each client a dedicated project team who design and configure your system. Our project team will also be on hand to assist you throughout the length of your project.

Design Menus

Design Document

Set Field Status

Define Form View

Define Data

Set Actions

Engica do not favor one-off software solutions but we do recognize that companies need to work with a system that caters for precise workflow, document layouts and data capture that match the needs of a client’s solution. Q4 has been designed to provide configuration of client requirements with use of configuration tools that use a single-engine for all our clients but with the ability to provide what seems a bespoke system for each client.

Many of the configuration aspects can be done by the client themselves but we also offer services to assist clients.