Connect your workforce like never before with integrated operational risk and maintenance management solutions built for the cloud

Engica’s cloud model enables you to start small and grow, adopting new features, functions and updates as and when you need them.

Our fast, proven implementation methodology works for all businesses, from single site deployments to global rollouts, providing real-time access to critical engineering information.

Q4‘s dynamic framework supports extensive configuration with a complete Application Program Interface, offering impressive integration.

The system supports either browser or desktop platforms and uses Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle for data storage and retrieval.

For corporate solutions, Q4 supports multi-site data segregation and SaaS operation.

For browser solutions, Internet Explorer version 8+, Firefox version 3.5 and above, Chrome, Safari and Opera can also be used.


  • Fast, reliable implementation and easy upgrades
  • Instant access to critical site-wide information from any location
  • 99.9% uptime access from any browser with secure data storage
  • Global, secure services hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Fully configurable to match your existing processes and procedures
  • Responsive interface design and industry workflow capabilities
  • Online / offline functionality

Live access around the clock from any location

Our proven implementation methodology is fully scalable, from single site deployments to global rollouts


Fully integrated cloud-based mobile platform provides easy access anywhere, at any time

Modular, role-based applications with dynamic, user friendly interface


Fully configurable to match your existing processes and procedures

Industry standard modules maximise safety and increase efficiency


Real-time visibility, performance insights and instant data analysis across all sites

Responsive, mobile technology gives access to critical data from any device

Q4 Digital Work Control cloud solutions help you on your journey to achieving your operational excellence objectives and control costs

Q4 gives you superior control of your data and helps support your business’s compliance against various legislative and standards based requirements.